Modern Techniques in Forensic Facial Identification | Online Event

Published on January 20, 2023

Written by Pablo Feito

From the creation of suspect facial composites to the careful examination and analysis of the human face and skull evidence, law enforcement has increased its use of technology to close what were once thought to be unsolvable cases. In countless cases, these signature images have become powerful tools that not only help investigators develop real-time intelligence but one that resonates with the public and aid in the development of actionable leads that reduce investigative cycle times.

In this webinar, attendees will be provided with a historical perspective on law enforcement’s use of facial composites, forensic facial approximation, and craniofacial superimposition. Newer technologies, like facial recognition, forensic video, and DNA phenotyping will also be discussed. To wrap up the discussion, the role that artificial intelligence plays in the deployment of updated software solutions will be explored, including the influence AI wields on the forensic facial identification discipline at large.

Those who attend will learn how others have successfully used forensic facial identification during criminal investigations and how you can include this valuable tool as part of your own investigative protocol.

Our guest speaker is Michael W. Streed, an award-winning, internationally recognized Forensic Facial Imaging Expert.

He is also the CEO of SketchCop® Solutions, which develops a composite software app and is used by law enforcement agencies around the world.

This event was recorded on Friday, February 3 2023.