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Skeleton-based identification

Even though DNA profiling and automated fingerprint ID software are widely available, there is a considerable number of cases in which human remains can not be identified with these techniques.

Skeleton-based ID, which is especially suited for badly preserved cadavers (burnt, putrefied, skeletonized) and represents 40 to 50% of bodies subjected to autopsy.

Advantages of

For Everyone

  • Teaching the future of skeleton-based identification
  • Less subjectivity
  • Higher accuracy
  • Time and cost savings
  • 5 methods included: Craniofacial Superimposition, Biological Profile, Dental Comparison, Facial Comparison and Radiographic Comparison

For Educators

  • Ready-to-use educational material
  • Verified science: more than 100 peer-reviewed publications
  • Real ID cases with permission to be used in education
  • Innovative working methodology
  • Higher motivated students

For Students

  • Application of real forensic identification methods
  • Theoretical-practical approach that improves comprehension and learning
  • Development of critical expertise through the analysis and simulation of real cases.
  • Perception of innovation as a necessary and scientific engine

Program and materials

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    Training and certification

    As with all tools that provide solutions to complex problems, using them correctly requires knowledge and practice. We have compiled a complete training and certification program to give experts reassurance and help them acquire the necessary skills.

    Dr. Inmaculada Alemán Aguilera

    Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Physical and Forensic Anthropology

    “Skeleton-ID Academy has brought extra interactivity, innovation and dynamism to my classes, increasing my students’ interest, motivation and commitment to their learning. An avant-garde educational advance with direct application in the real world.”

    Who is using Skeleton-ID?


    New tools to apply to forensic identification

    Get the Skeleton-ID information brochure, the Handbook on Craniofacial Superimposition and the Quick Reference Guide for facial landmarks.