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Designed to teach the correct execution of the craniofacial superposition technique in educational environments as well as to favour the development of research studies in the field of craniofacial identification.

Forensic files

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Acquire your PM and AM cases without limit on access to our Skeleton-ID modules. Ideal for occasional use in which our technology is needed to solve one or more identification cases.


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For professionals who perform identification works for other institutions in isolation or within small teams.



This version of Skeleton-ID will be installed on the customer's premises, which will allow total control over it as well as access to the application from any computer within the institutional intranet.

This service includes license for multiple people who may be using Skeleton-ID at the same time on different devices with unlimited access to cases (AM and PM). It will facilitate the work of multidisciplinary teams, with different levels of access and/or experience.

It includes personalized attention and training in the use and handling of Skeleton-ID as well as in the fundamental principles of the different forensic techniques, methodology for a correct application, scientific bases and reliability, etc.

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