Artificial Intelligence at the service
of Physical and Forensic Anthropology

Faster, objective and accurate human identification


Integral Tool

The only software in the world that provides integral support to forensic identification through physical anthropology techniques: craniofacial superimposition, comparative radiography (under development), biological profiling (under development), forensic records management, ante-mortem (AM) and post-mortem (PM) data, forensic report generation, etc. Greater guarantees in legal processes.

Craniofacial Superimposition

Technique of low cost and fast application. Exclusion, filtering of cases and identification support. Great application potential. You only need AM photographs and PM skull. Landmarking tools, soft tissue studies, camera parametrization, visualization with transparency and wipe, decision support system, etc.

Multiple Comparisons

Only technology (patented by the University of Granada) that allows the automatic comparison of multiple skulls and faces (less than 1s per comparison). Possible uses in databases of missing people and unidentified skeletal remains, mass graves, mass disasters, terrorism, etc.

Web Community

Work from anywhere in the world, terminal or operating system. Collaborate with other experts in your cases and/or theirs. Access anthropological collections from other institutions and/or share your data. Participate in research studies or look for volunteers for yours. Discuss with other researchers, etc.

Continuous Improvement

In collaboration with the University of Granada. We are working on the automation of more processes: mandible articulation, evaluation of morphological correspondences, landmark localization, assembly of fragmented skulls, etc. New modules for comparison of X-ray images and the estimation of the biological profile.

More Features

Skeleton·ID software admin screen

The first and only tool designed for anthropologists

Discover for yourself how Artificial Intelligence can help you automate the most tedious and error-prone tasks.


Available for online use.

12 years of

Our technology is based on scientific studies and objective data obtained after more than 12 years of research, 2 EU projects, 5 national projects and 6 PhD theses (2 more in progress).

Standard standard MEPROCS

The only tool on the market that meets all the desirable requirements and functionalities agreed in the European MEPROCS project. More objective, precise, repeatable process with greater guarantees in judicial processes.

2 patents

By means of Artificial Intelligence techniques we are able to automate the craniofacial superposition and the comparison of radiographies. Dozens of publications in the best magazines endorse our system.

ugr spin off

Our key partner is the University of Granada, from which several of the founding partners come and from which Panacea is Spin-Off. We have the scientific advice of full professors from this university as part of the agreement that recognizes Panacea as a Spin-Off.